Disguising Cell Towers


Water Tank Concealment

The tower stands in full sight from our property and is situated north of an environmentally protected estuary off the Thimble Islands. Everyone, neighbors, children, resident architects, and visitors, has declared that the tower is an elegant, indeed a positive presence. Sailors on the water have also remarked favorably on its visibility.

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1. What does STEALTH do?

STEALTH designs, engineers and furnishes concealment screening systems for the wireless industry. Our architecturally sound and aesthetically pleasing systems are specifically designed to assist in receiving zoning and building owner approvals for infrastructure build out with minimal reduction to the system’s performance.

2. What is concealment?

Concealment is the process of screening, hiding, or “camouflaging” antennas. It can be used to satisfy a city or building owner’s need to minimize the visual affect of an antenna installation by disguising it as flagpole, a rooftop parapet, or any other conceivable design that helps the site blend visually into its environment.

3. What types of concealment are available?

STEALTH offers a wide range of concealment products, both standard and custom Most fall into three major concealment categories; Roof Tops, Concealment Poles, and Concealment Structures. They include roof top screens, penthouses, flagpoles, light poles, cross poles, banner poles, bell, water and clock towers, signs, silos, crosses, chimneys, louvers, steeples, side mounted boxes, DAS concealments…and many more. Your imagination is the limit, when it comes to custom concealment options.

4. Does STEALTH offer Zoning Assistance?

Yes, STEALTH can assist you with any of your zoning needs. From photo simulations, to samples and concept sketches, we will equip you with the tools necessary to get your site through zoning faster and more efficiently.

5. Are there any STEALTH sites near me?

For sites constructed near you, please visit our Contact Us section and let us know your location, or contact your local Sales Representative. If you didn’t find your question here, please refer to our Contact Us or our Resource section and our experienced staff will do their best to answer your questions/comments in a timely manner.


STEALTH designs, engineers and fabricates RF transparent antenna concealment systems for the entire wireless industry – including rooftop concealments, concealment poles, tower concealments, and many custom concealment structures. Architecturally sound and aesthetically pleasing antenna concealment systems assist you in receiving quicker zoning and building owner approvals. And speedy approvals translate to faster site revenues.